SHU Law Ltd is a not for profit teaching law firm.
We are forward thinking and pragmatic.

Our ethos is to provide a platform for education and to widen access to justice.
This unique approach enables us to take on cases that other firms
may not be able to.
  • 03.06.20
    How do I pay for legal advice?

    The biggest question on most people‚Äôs minds when seeking legal advice is how much will it cost and how will…

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  • 01.06.20
    What are small claims?

    In England and Wales, if a party or parties issue proceedings (take a matter to court), the court will decide…

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  • 29.05.20
    Helping to make sure that your workplace is safe

    As more of us are returning to our workplaces the safety of those workplaces will come into focus. Employees need…

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