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Are you affected by Covid-19 in your employment? Can SHU Law help?

By Abby Keller-Bestwick, LLM student


The current situation….

There are 27.93 million people employed in the UK. Reports show that unemployment is rising especially in 18- 25 year olds. The figures reported by the Office for National Statistics show that this has been a result of Covid- 19 and the country being placed in lockdown. However, the effects of Covid -19 have left many people worried about their employment due to shielding because of health risks or parents not being able to meet the new working hours.

The government chancellor Rishi Sunak announced to the public that the government would support employers with a furlough scheme which would pay 80% of the wages throughout the pandemic. With this coming to an end in October, many people are at risk of losing their jobs due to not being able to return as businesses are closing, some will have to accept reduced working hours or be forced to leave their employment. This is putting a lot of pressure on both employees and their employers.


How can SHU Law help…?

If you are at risk of being made redundant and feel you need legal advice, then contact SHU Law on 0114 2256666 and speak to a member of our employment team.


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