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Are you being sued as an uninsured driver?

SHU Law does not condone people driving without motor insurance. However, it is safe to say that mistakes can happen and sometimes people do find themselves in the position of not having a valid policy of insurance. Either they forgot to renew it, payments accidentally lapsed or they thought they had swapped the policy to a new vehicle. Similarly, some people will drive knowing that they weren’t insured without giving a thought to the consequences of what might happen but then realise that what they have done has some very severe consequences. Whatever the situation it’s important to get legal advice as this is in the best interests of all of those involved.

The consequences in all of these situations are the same; people suffer either physical harm and/ or financial loss. They will be entitled to claim compensation and so to add to the fact that an uninsured driver will have to face criminal prosecution there is every possibility that they will be pursued for these losses. Any compensation will be sought from them direct, sometimes with the involvement of the Motor Insurers Bureau. Costs will be added and the whole situation can be quite overwhelming and very costly.

One reaction to receiving details of a claim from someone who has been the victim of an uninsured driver is that the person responsible buries their head in the sand. Often this is because people can’t afford legal advice. This then makes matters worse for the victim because it delays the whole process. We have seen this at SHU Law time and time again and the situation has got progressively worse until clients have chosen to instruct us to help them navigate their way through the process.

It’s important that if you are being pursued for compensation that you face up to what is happening as quickly as possible and seek legal advice. SHU Law is able to provide free legal advice to those people who are being sued for financial compensation by either a claimant or the Motor Insurers Bureau. If you need assistance then please call our office on 01142255891 or email enquiries@shulaw.co.uk.

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