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How can I sign a contract during the pandemic?


If you are not able to meet with a contract party to finalise a contract, there may be options. Guidance has been provided by the Law Commission on digital signatures which sets out that in certain circumstances digital signatures are legally binding.

There are many digital signature platforms and you must be confident that the platform which your document will be uploaded to for signature is secure, will properly protect any confidential information and complies with data protection requirements.

In addition, not every agreement or contract will be able to be signed digitally.

You will also need to consider if the document needs witnessing. For instance, to be properly executed, deeds must be witnessed. It is not impossible to witness a digital signature, but it is certainly more difficult that hard copy documents.

If you have entered into a contract, are unsure of the validity and think you might have a dispute in relation to the contract, contact Becky at SHU Law on 0114 225 6666.

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