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How you can help with pro bono work

By Abi Johal, Sheffield Hallam Law student


How is SHU Law getting involved in Pro Bono Work ?

SHU Law carries out pro bono work every day. We are a not for profit teaching law firm and our aim is to widen access to justice for those who may not be able to afford a solicitor or those who want cost effective legal services. SHU Law offers a variety of services including: Small Claims, Personal Injury, Commercial Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Prison Law and Criminal Appeals. We provide an all year-round service which is not restricted to just term time. We are dedicated to our work and always act in the best interests of our clients. Our students play a significant role in SHU Law as they are able to work with us and apply their skills that they have developed from their degree.


How can you get involved?

We are always looking for ways to grow and develop SHU Law. Whether you are a firm, a solicitor, a barrister or a charity that wants to get involved in the work at SHU Law, we would be happy to hear from you. If you would like to get involved, please do give us a call on 0114 225 6666 or email us at: info@shulaw.co.uk.

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