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I need help with an inquest or pre inquest review

Mortality has been in the news more than ever of late. Relatives will find the bereavement distressing enough but for some families it will throw them into the shadows of the coroners court and they will find themselves having to navigate an inquest. This sadly is nothing new.

SHU Law can help you if you have lost a loved one and you are required to attend an inquest. There is no charge for our legal advice as we are a not for profit organisation. In more complex cases we work with other law firms to ensure that you get the help and assistance that you require.

In some cases exceptional case funding may be available to assist family members or if there is a possible claim for personal injury or clinical negligence then the instruction of a solicitor would be a natural choice where costs may be recoverable from any prospective opponent. However, for some families this will not be an option and they will find themselves alone at what is already a distressing and challenging time.

Whilst an inquest is designed to identify the deceased and why the person died it is not designed to look at who may be at fault. As such there is a view that families can manage the process without intervention from lawyers. For a proportion of people this will be true but if you have found yourself in a situation where you feel that you need help and assistance then please give us a call 01142256666 or email enquiries@shulaw.co.uk.


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