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Laura Hannan and her work at SHU Law

I am a Housing Solicitor at SHU Law.

I advise clients on their housing issues which can range from initial queries relating to their tenancy agreement to representing clients in Court in defending possession proceedings issued by the Landlord. I also teach 2 different modules to Level 5 and Level 6 students at SHU Law in which I incorporate the housing work I do in the class rooms so the students are able to have the practical approach to their learning and be involved in client work.

The legal advice I give at SHU Law is pro bono, which is key in making sure more people have access to justice. After the Legal Aid and Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO), a number areas of housing law fell out of scope for legal aid and the rules on eligibility changed.  The result of these changes were many advice deserts across the country; practices providing legal aid and legal aid lawyers could not sustain their practices, as a result of this many have gone out of business creating the advice deserts. Clients were not able to access legal aid and obtain the advice they needed for their housing issues. LASPO had a significant impact on housing related cases eligible for financial support.

By SHU Law offering pro bono advice on housing matters, this helps to reduce the effect of the advice deserts and help those who are not financially eligible, to ensure more people have access to justice.  For me there is also substantial job satisfaction through pro bono work, I am able to help, advise and represent clients who really need our help

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