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Manufacturing Disputes

Manufacturing forms such a vital part of our economy. In recent testing times manufacturing and production companies have adapted their machinery and workforce to produce PPE and other equipment in the fight against Covid-19.

Manufacturing disputes can arise for a multitude of reasons. Some examples are:

  • It might be that machinery supplied is not built to specification
  • Equipment is faulty and so not of satisfactory quality
  • A material is not as per a sample
  • A machine doesn’t deliver the output promised
  • Equipment keeps breaking down
  • There is a late delivery or no delivery
  • A party has failed to pay on time


In addition, manufacturers need to ensure that their customers (even those with technical expertise) know how to use, calibrate and maintain equipment. Otherwise, user error can lead to problems.

Of course, for manufacturing companies, a problem with its equipment can be fatal. It can halt a production line, sour end user relationships and cause issues in the supply chain. This can lead to penalties or disputes for the buyer as well as the seller. Alongside these considerations are regulation, health and safety, and industry standards, which add an extra layer of complexity.

When a manufacturing dispute arises, it helps to have a legal adviser on board who understands the challenges of this sector. Rebecca has many years’ experience of advising clients with manufacturing disputes. She is well placed to help triage the dispute, get to grips with the details and help restore ‘business as usual’. Call SHU Law on 0114 225 5891/ 0114 225 6666 for more information.

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