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Mental Health Awareness Week

As we enter mental health awareness week, SHU Law is looking at its civic response to the pandemic and how we might be able to help those most in need.

It has already been reported that instances of domestic violence and child abuse (be that virtual or otherwise) have increased. Courts have slowed down dramatically with disputes not getting processed – all the while with the parties having time on their hands to no doubt dwell on what remains in dispute.

Isolation will clearly be taking its toll on individuals and families alike and as we don’t yet know what the true economic impact will be of furloughing employees many remain fearful that the worst is yet to come. Not forgetting those that will be getting anxious at the thought of gradually returning to “normal” life whatever that may now look like.

As a law firm it’s important to us that we can build up a collaborative approach to those challenges. We would be interested to hear what other people’s views are regarding the legal challenges that people will face moving forward and in particular how we might work with other charities and organisations. Please feel free to email us at enquiries@shulaw.co.uk to see if we can collaborate and make some impact in the lives of individuals.

You might be a law firm who can cover services we can’t, a charity whose service users need our help, an in house lawyer who might be able to offer our students advice and experience. Whatever your background get in touch – it’s good to have a chat generally and sometimes offloading our ideas and asking for help is good for our own mental health!

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