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Pro Bono services at SHU Law

By Ellise Todd, Sheffield Hallam Law Student


About us

SHU Law Limited is a not for profit teaching law firm. As a firm we have a range of services to offer with fairer fees (our services are pro bono). We are a firm that strives to widen access to justice, whilst also providing a platform for education as we are joined by students who are studying law at Sheffield Hallam University. Our firm is an expert-led firm with staff who have many years of experience and expertise in each service we provide.


Our Services

Small claims is one of our services at SHU Law. Advice and representation will be free of charge, although you may have to pay court and third-party fees. These fees will depend on the value of your claim. We can represent you whether you are a claimant or a defendant, if you need help bringing the claim forward or understanding proceedings if you are involved in a claim, provided your claim is based in England or Wales and the value is less than £10,000. Small claims can involve contract disputes, damaged property, consumer issues, faulty or damaged goods and more.

Personal injury is covered at SHU Law where we may be able to assist with the following issues: public liability claims, road traffic accidents, criminal injury claims, accidents abroad, employer’s liability claims and more. These cases are dealt with by solicitor Sally Mallinson Ayres who has 15 years of experience in personal injury. Once we have the details of your claim, we will be in touch with further details on what to do next if we are able to represent you. If we are unable to represent you, we will support you in finding someone who might be able to assist you.

Dispute resolution is also a service available at SHU Law. This covers tortious claims, agency disputes, warranty claims and many more. Please check our website for the list of dispute resolution claims we cover.

Employment law concerns the employer and employee relationship and encourages employers to take care of their staff and to ensure their staff are safe. Here at SHU Law we have Mark Serby who has over 25 years of experience and expertise in employment law. Our advice and representation is free of charge unless we need to seek specialist advice from a barrister. We cover cases such as unfair and wrongful dismissal claims, discrimination in employment, whistleblowing issues, pregnancy, maternity rights and many more. We cannot represent you if you have already begun proceedings. On our website you can see transparency of costs when seeking a barrister’s advice, how long your matter could take and the stages of an employment tribunal claim.

We also have a specific department for prison law with a team that are dedicated to assisting cased which concern matters such as sentence progressions, home detention, re-categorisation representations and general complaints. Students work alongside solicitors in this area of law to broaden their learning in the criminal sector.   Unfortunately, at this time we do not take on matters in this area concerning: appeals, parole board hearings and adjudications.

Criminal appeals are taken on at SHU Law. We take a look at cases where there has been a possible miscarriage of justice and we are always more than happy to discuss your situation to see if we can assist you, if you contact us.

If any of the above services are relevant to you do not hesitate to get in contact with us today to see if we can assist you with any legal advice or representation you may need.

Taking a look at our website may also be beneficial to you as there is more detail on our services, our people and news. Pro bono week is approaching we are looking forward to participating, please look out on our social media pages, website or contact us for more information.



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