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SHU collaboration at its best!

SHU Law staff have recently enjoyed working with students across the university to advance a number of projects relevant to the work that we do. 

Our anti racism department launched late last year and with anything it’s important to get expert advice about marketing for new initiatives. Students Harry Mawer, Tom Lee, Sam Pan and Glody Nzali looked at the work that we had been doing and the challenges that we had been facing. Their project included important research looking at the project from the perspective of a entering a new market and provided some really positive and proactive suggestions on how we could drive this forward. It highlighted lots of things that we hadn’t initially thought of in our approaches to different schools and colleges to garner their interest in what we will be delivering and we have seen positive results from implementing this.

We have long recognised that working with vulnerable clients can take its toll on the mental well-being of our staff and so when the opportunity arose to work with Krzysztof Szymanski a student from the Sheffield Business School to look at this more closely with a specifically designed questionnaire to delve into the support that we offer we relished that opportunity.  Krzysztof  was able to ask questions in a confidential manner to ascertain if this was something that we should advance to our students when asking that they work on case work and gave us a really helpful insight into what were seen as challenges and potential issues that required further input and attention to ensure we were approaching this in the right way.

Overall the experience of working with other students across other disciplines has broadened employability opportunities and knowledge for all. It has been cost saving for us as a business and been a privilege to further advance the mission of applied learning! Well done to everyone involved!!

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