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SHU Law Marks Justice Week 2020 with Interactive Employment Law Seminar.

SHU Law conducted yet another successful event on the 26th February, this time recognising Justice Week (Monday 24th to Friday 28th February) and the need to create a legacy for providing public legal education to wider audiences.

The ‘Navigating the World of Employment’ interactive seminar, focussed on enhancing awareness of workplace rights among those newly entering employment and coincided with Justice Week 2020. Amongst the attendees were representatives from local charitable organisations who assist people with disabilities to enter the workplace. The event was organised and delivered by students from The Circle (the student voice of SHU Law) and SHU Law’s employment lawyer Mark Serby.

The seminar answered key questions for anyone who has not previously been the subject of an employment contract or who may be facing challenges in the workplace as a consequence of not understanding the obligations placed upon them and their employer. Topics covered included when a written employment contract must be issued, recovery of training costs and rights to holiday and sick pay.

As an organisation, SHU Law is deeply committed to Public Legal Education. Such activities help educate the public, especially those facing various barriers to accessing the justice system, of their legal rights. This in turn leads to widening access to justice, which is part of SHU Law’s ethos.

Note: Further information of SHU Law’s involvement in PLE and facilitating access to justice is available at: https://www.shulaw.co.uk/articles/access-to-justice-and-public-legal-education/

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