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SHU Laws Civic Response to Covid-19

Here at SHU Law we are starting to think about what the world will look like when the lockdown eases and we find the new “normal”. The possibility of being able to return to some usual spaces and activities is quite exciting but in reality, lots of people are quite anxious and have not had the best of times during what has been some very challenging weeks.

We have already seen increased reports of domestic violence, no doubt as a consequence of families and partners being forced to spend more time together. Families have suffered bereavement, not just because of the pandemic but because other illnesses won’t have recognised the need to halt their processes. Employees and employers have faced some of the biggest challenges in their history and we haven’t yet seen nor can we estimate what the full impact of covid-19 will look like for them. In many respects the commercial world has stopped, impacting on manufacturing, sales and debt recovery. Court processes have slowed impacting on access to justice.

As a law firm we want to be able to assist those in need with a focus on rehabilitation and getting people to integrate back into a life where they feel valued and accepted. Our employment, commercial dispute resolution and personal injury solicitors are here to help on a not for profit basis. We also want to hear from other organisations or charities that might be able to help us develop our initiatives or whose service users might really need our help. If you think we can assist or you want to help us, then give us a call on 0114225891 or 01142256666.

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