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SHU Laws Coronavirus Health and Safety Measures

All of our staff have now returned to site so that we can re-commence face to face appointments with our clients.

It’s important to us that in providing not for profit legal services that we provide some reassurance to our clients (who are often already feeling very vulnerable and disadvantaged) about what will be expected of them when they arrive on site. Please help us to keep everyone safe by adhering to the following;

  1. Booking appointments in advance. This will help us to monitor foot flow around the building and we will also check with you before your visit that you haven’t had any symptoms associated with coronavirus.
  2. On attendance use the intercom system so that a member of our team can let you in.
  3. On entry use the hand sanitiser that we provide and make sure that you are wearing a mask to mobilise around the building. Our receptionist will take your temperature on entry before you can then venture into other areas in the building.
  4. Make us aware if you need to use the lift as all appointments will take place on the first floor to allow sufficient space for social distancing and ventilation.
  5. Adhere to the one way system that is marked out around the building and adhere to social distancing at all times.


It is helpful to us if all appointments are planned in advance with our receptionist so that we can ensure that all of these requirements are met. However, we do appreciate that from time to time this might not be possible.

Don’t worry we will help you as best we can to navigate around these requirements. We are just sorry that we cannot offer you refreshments or shake your hand to introduce ourselves but rest assured our welcome will be as warm as ever!

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