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Started your own personal injury claim and finding it too difficult?

Some people who have accidents and suffer injury like to take the person who they consider responsible to task themselves. It can make them feel better about what has happened and allow them to vent their anger and frustration about something they think should not have happened.

Often what starts as a complaint can venture into long and protracted correspondence, with complainants not getting the long-awaited apology they had hoped for. For others they might be lucky enough to get an offer of compensation. Then starts the real dilemma; What next? Is the offer reasonable? I haven’t got the response I expected, so what do I do?

By starting the process, yourself you can actually prejudice the position or indeed delay the timescale in which the claim can be completed as there is a possibility you will not have followed the relevant protocols. Similarly, you don’t want to accept less than what your claim might be worth.

The best thing to do therefore is to seek legal advice from the outset. However, if you haven’t done that and you find yourself part way through the process but don’t know what to do next then SHU Law can take a look at the claim and advise you as to your next steps. Please do not think that because you have started the process on your own that you have to continue on your own. Please call our offices on 01142256666 or 01142255891.

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