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The Benefit of SHU Law

To fellow law firms, we can help your clients.

SHU Law doesn’t charge legal fees so it can help your clients with any small claims that they may need to pursue or obtain advice on. We understand that you cannot always take on every matter for your clients – due to proportionality. We are well placed to help you maintain that positive working relationship with your client by helping with those types of low value (but high importance) claims.

SHU Law prides itself on collaboration – in fact, our ethos is to ‘collaborate to innovate’.

Often clients need support with litigation because they don’t understand the process – why should small claims be any different. There is still a court procedure involved and use of court documents – both can be unfamiliar and daunting to clients. By offering those who would otherwise be litigants in person, representation, SHU Law also assists the court.

Even if the dispute doesn’t reach the court – we can help. Costs can become a ‘block’ to settlement if they outweigh the value of a dispute. With no legal fees, the chances of this are reduced at SHU Law.

We welcome partnerships, opportunities to collaborate and above all, promoting access to justice for all. Reach out to us to start a dialogue. We look forward to hearing from you to help service your valuable clients.

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