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The Importance of Pro-Bono Work in Employment Law

By Samantha Hunter, Mabel Horridge, Elyse Hunter


SHU Law has its own employment team which can provide pro bono (free of charge) legal advice and representation. People with recent employment claims can seek advice from SHU Law for most aspects of their relationship with their employer, including redundancies, unfair dismissals and discrimination.

Pro-bono comes from the Latin phrase which means ‘for public good’. The phrase is often used to describe professional work, for example legal advice, which is undertaken voluntarily and without payment. Pro-bono is an essential service which provides professional skills to those in need or to those who are unable to afford or access them, for example children, the unemployed and those with limited financial means. Pro-bono work is often undertaken within non profit organisations like SHU Law.

SHU Law’s services are tailored towards those who either cannot afford to pay a solicitor to fight for their rights or who want cost effective legal services to help them achieve their goals.

According to The Office for National Statistics, UK unemployment rates have risen, in just over 3 years, to their highest level and redundancies which have also reached their highest level since 2009. Pro-bono advice helps to ensure that employment rights are upheld and that those who have been wronged are helped to fight their case. Pro-bono work within employment law is especially important to the unemployed, who may no longer have the funds to seek and pay for legal, professional advice.

If you are concerned that your employer is breaching your rights and you would like to take legal advice free of charge then please contact us on 0114 2256666 or email us at enquiries@shulaw.co.uk


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