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Victims of crime urging “Please don’t forget us”

The court system has been no different to other businesses and organisations during the lockdown, operating on reduced numbers of staff whilst still being expected to serve the same numbers of people. Inevitably, this has not been achieved.

Courts had already faced budget cuts and now the pandemic has added to the backlog. To those not impacted this sounds like an administrative burden but it needs to be remembered that this is also very distressing for those that are facing financial difficulties and have brought claims to resolve disputes, or victims of crime who have already waited significant periods of time to see their perpetrators brought to justice.

The staff at the courts will no doubt be working as hard as they can to get as up to date as possible, with the resources that they have. However, that offers little comfort to those at risk of losing their homes or suffering from considerable mental health issues and can only seek to rehabilitate if justice is served.

What is important is that anyone who wants to initiate a claim or has been seeking to progress a legal matter themselves through the court seeks help and advice if this is too overwhelming for them. Staff at SHU Law would be happy to have a chat with anyone that needs help navigating the court system and if you seek help from the outset, and get the process right, it will spare you the anguish of getting stuck in an already backlog fed court system. Please give us a call on 0114 225891.

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