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    Government Review of Hybrid Working

    The government has set up a task force to draw up advice on flexible employment as working from home, for…

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  • 26.04.21
    ASDA Equal Pay Claim

    Since 2016 35,000 shopfloor workers at ASDA, who are predominantly female, have been arguing that they are entitled to be…

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  • 19.04.21
    Uber drivers must be treated as workers rather than self-employed, the UK’s Supreme Court has ruled.

    The decision could mean thousands of Uber drivers are entitled to minimum wage and holiday pay in the future and…

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  • 12.04.21
    Vulnerable Clients

    At SHU Law we aim to meet the needs of clients who, due to their personal circumstances and barriers put…

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  • 08.04.21
    The Importance of Seeking Early Legal Advice

    By Lauren Morley and Asma Osman Ahmed, Sheffield Hallam Law students The Law Society Research Unit collaborated with Ipsos-MORI to…

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  • 29.03.21
    The Free School Meal Crisis

    By Kimberley Fisher and Imogen Saxton, Sheffield Hallam Law Students Footballer Marcus Rashford has been known in recent months for…

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  • 08.03.21
    I need help with an inquest or pre inquest review

    Mortality has been in the news more than ever of late. Relatives will find the bereavement distressing enough but for…

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  • 03.03.21
    How you can help with pro bono work

    By Abi Johal, Sheffield Hallam Law student   How is SHU Law getting involved in Pro Bono Work ? SHU…

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  • 01.03.21
    No jab, no job?

    The latest discussion in employment law is developing around this area. Pimlico Plumbers have already announced that any new hires…

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  • 24.02.21
    Need help navigating an Inquest?

    By Chris Gillott, Sheffield Hallam Law Student ¬†Attending an inquest for a loved one is difficult. We have the necessary…

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