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  • 24.02.21
    Need help navigating an Inquest?

    By Chris Gillott, Sheffield Hallam Law Student  Attending an inquest for a loved one is difficult. We have the necessary…

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  • 22.02.21
    One in 10 workers told to reapply for their jobs on worse terms

    A recent survey conducted by the TUC has found that controversial ‘fire and rehire’ tactics have become widespread during the…

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  • 17.02.21
    Sheffield Hallam Student Support

    The past couple of months have been an unnerving experience for us all, we continue to find ourselves in a…

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  • 08.02.21
    Planned enhancements in Employment Law

    The government has announced its plans for a new Employment Bill which would improve workers’ rights, promote fairness in the…

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  • 03.02.21
    My legal matter isn’t that important right now -is it?

    It’s safe to say that in the midst of a global pandemic people are tending to have greater perspective as…

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  • 01.02.21
    Can staff be forced to have a COVID-19 vaccination?

    Pimlico Plumbers is in the news following an announcement that it will refuse to offer opportunities to workers who are…

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  • 27.01.21
    Guidance to families and friends with loved ones in prison

    With a further lockdown in place for England, here is some guidance for families and friends of those people in…

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  • 25.01.21
    Business Interruption and Lockdown Losses

    In a Supreme Court judgment, handed down last week, many small firms are to be eligible to receive insurance payouts…

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  • 20.01.21
    Low-paid and part-time workers hit hardest by Covid, charity warns.

    The Joseph Rowntree Foundation has published its annual report on poverty in the UK; the full report is here https://www.jrf.org.uk/report/uk-poverty-2020-21…

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  • 18.01.21
    I’m representing myself in a small claim and I don’t know what to do!

    You received the Court papers and scoured Google for advice on how to respond. But now the Court has sent…

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