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  • 19.07.21
    Training Costs – Repaying the Employer

    Employers are increasingly inserting into their contract of employment with their staff, clauses allowing them to recoup the costs of…

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  • Picture of SHU Law building
    SHU Law a Year in Review

    It’s definitely not been a year that we expected for SHU Law and whilst everyone is still operating under some…

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  • 05.07.21
    Government confirms no current intention to ban “fire and rehire” practices

    The government has confirmed that it will not yet legislate to prevent so-called “fire and rehire” practices. Instead, it has asked Acas…

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  • 28.06.21
    How long do I have to bring a CICA Claim?

    Typically victims of violent crime have two years from either the date of the incident or the date by which…

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  • Field with people
    Modern Slavery: New Government Agency to enforce employment rights

    The government is creating a new agency with responsibility for tackling modern slavery. It will focus in particular on enforcing…

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  • broken phone
    Have you received a product or service that is defective or sub-standard?

      If you’ve paid for a product or service that fell short of your expectations in some way, or if…

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  • person in woods at night
    Could you spot a hate crime?

    Ground breaking storylines such as the attack on Coronation Street on Seb and Nina, owing to the way they look,…

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  • 24.05.21
    How important is understanding mental health for lawyers?

    Lawyers often deal with stressful situations for clients. Divorce, moving house, death, victims of crime, housing, and financial difficulties, all…

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  • wheelchair in office

    This note is intended as a brief introduction and overview of the protection afforded to disabled workers in employment. Other…

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  • man opening a letter containing a reference
    Can my employer give me a bad reference?

      Background There is no obligation on an employer to obtain a reference from a previous employer, save in some…

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