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  • 23.09.20
    Has your business been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

    You are not alone. As we have all seen, this pandemic has led to widespread disruption and business closures, causing…

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  • 21.09.20
    SHU Laws Coronavirus Health and Safety Measures

    All of our staff have now returned to site so that we can re-commence face to face appointments with our…

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  • 09.09.20
    Contract disputes during the pandemic

    The government issued guidance (and updated the guidance) recently surrounding contract disputes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In essence, it encourages…

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  • 04.09.20
    How can I sign a contract during the pandemic?

      If you are not able to meet with a contract party to finalise a contract, there may be options….

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  • 24.08.20
    I have been through the small claims process and have been successful but still have not received my money. What do I do?

      Obtaining a successful judgment is not always the end of the court process. Often parties will need to consider…

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  • 17.08.20
    Criminal Injuries Compensation- FAQs

      Can I run my own criminal injuries compensation claim? The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme (CICA) is designed for…

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  • 12.08.20
    I “failed” my A Levels! Sally Mallinson Ayres discusses the benefits of Clearing.

    With A-Level results day looming and the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought to the realms of those that should…

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  • 10.08.20
    The impact of covid-19 on the legal profession

    Slowly the legal profession is venturing back into some degree of normality. Solicitors practices have undertaken the required risk assessments…

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  • 27.07.20
    The Benefit of SHU Law

    To fellow law firms, we can help your clients. SHU Law doesn’t charge legal fees so it can help your…

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  • 17.07.20
    Resolving Disputes in the Workplace

    At SHU Law we advise our clients to explore all the avenues available to them to try and resolve disagreements…

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