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  • 20.10.20

    Help! I’ve got a parking ticket!

    If you’ve got a parking ticket, the first thing to do is to ascertain who it is from. Different rules…

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  • 15.10.20

    Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

    By Lauren Batty, Sheffield Hallam LLM Student Here at SHU Law our aim is to widen the access to justice,…

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  • 12.10.20

    Small Claims Remote Hearings

    In what has been an unprecedented year, thousands of court hearings have been replaced by virtual hearings, either via telephone…

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  • 07.10.20

    Pitfalls of the CICA Scheme

    Claiming compensation via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme is not easy and a process for which claimants are best served…

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  • 05.10.20

    Sheffield Hallam Law student, Hamza Khan shares his thoughts on his virtual work experience in SHU Law.

      What are you currently studying? I am a third-year law student at  Sheffield Hallam University and have been undertaking…

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  • 28.09.20

    Welcoming our Students Back

    This week we welcome our students back. It’s really exciting for all of the SHU Law team who love to…

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  • 23.09.20

    Has your business been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

    You are not alone. As we have all seen, this pandemic has led to widespread disruption and business closures, causing…

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  • 21.09.20

    SHU Laws Coronavirus Health and Safety Measures

    All of our staff have now returned to site so that we can re-commence face to face appointments with our…

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  • 14.09.20

    Are you affected by Covid-19 in your employment? Can SHU Law help?

    By Abby Keller-Bestwick, LLM student   The current situation…. There are 27.93 million people employed in the UK. Reports show…

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  • 09.09.20

    Contract disputes during the pandemic

    The government issued guidance (and updated the guidance) recently surrounding contract disputes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In essence, it encourages…

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  • 04.09.20

    How can I sign a contract during the pandemic?

      If you are not able to meet with a contract party to finalise a contract, there may be options….

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  • 01.09.20

    Health and Safety at work during Covid-19

    By Elena Oara, LLM Student   The Coronavirus outbreak and subsequent protective measures will have a long-lasting impact on the…

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  • 28.08.20

    Employee Rights During the Covid-19 Pandemic

    By Aamina Almaas, LLM student   Employer’s have responded to Covid-19 trying to keep businesses open and running in line…

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  • 26.08.20

    Attacks on the LGBT community: How to get help

    By Catherine Tanner, LLM Student The effects of violent homophobic attacks are far-reaching and devastating for those involved. It was…

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  • 24.08.20

    I have been through the small claims process and have been successful but still have not received my money. What do I do?

      Obtaining a successful judgment is not always the end of the court process. Often parties will need to consider…

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  • 19.08.20

    A Guide to Zero- Hour Contracts

    By LLM Students Emma Rodgers, Beth Lockwood and Vivenne Pinnington. Have you been offered a zero-hour contract and want to…

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  • 17.08.20

    Criminal Injuries Compensation- FAQs

      Can I run my own criminal injuries compensation claim? The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Scheme (CICA) is designed for…

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  • 12.08.20

    I “failed” my A Levels! Sally Mallinson Ayres discusses the benefits of Clearing.

    With A-Level results day looming and the uncertainty that the pandemic has brought to the realms of those that should…

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  • 10.08.20

    The impact of covid-19 on the legal profession

    Slowly the legal profession is venturing back into some degree of normality. Solicitors practices have undertaken the required risk assessments…

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  • 27.07.20

    The Benefit of SHU Law

    To fellow law firms, we can help your clients. SHU Law doesn’t charge legal fees so it can help your…

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  • 17.07.20

    Resolving Disputes in the Workplace

    At SHU Law we advise our clients to explore all the avenues available to them to try and resolve disagreements…

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  • 15.07.20

    Covid-19 and contracts

    For many businesses, either at the receiving end of a failure to supply or who have desperately wanted to fulfil…

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  • 13.07.20

    Victims of crime urging “Please don’t forget us”

    The court system has been no different to other businesses and organisations during the lockdown, operating on reduced numbers of…

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  • 10.07.20

    Chancellor’s Summer Economic Statement

    In his mini budget on 8th July the Chancellor said that the UK is facing “significant” job losses but that…

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  • 09.07.20

    Court backlogs impacting on access to justice

    The BBC recently reported that the backlog in hearings for court cases is impacting upon victims of crime. ‘Please don’t…

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  • 08.07.20

    Sally Mallinson Ayres considers the value of a SHU Law degree

    I was recently asked by a colleague what the value of my law degree was and it set me thinking…

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  • 06.07.20

    Should I forward on legal advice that I have received to my opponent?

    You have a dispute with another party (it could be an individual, company, partnership or other entity). You might be…

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  • 03.07.20

    Alternatives to redundancy – Lay-offs and short-time working

    We are all concerned that the time it will take for the economy to recover to previous levels of activity…

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  • 02.07.20

    Commercial disputes: Getting the entity correct

    So, you want to pursue a dispute? You think you know who to pursue (in the pre-action stage and ultimately…

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  • 01.07.20

    SHU Law – A Year In Reflection

    During the last 12 months SHU Law has gone from strength to strength. Our practising solicitors have been busy advancing…

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  • 29.06.20

    “You’re free” – I don’t trust you and I don’t think you’re any good!

    The stereotypes about solicitors being just in the job for the money thankfully are not as rife as they once…

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  • 26.06.20

    Black Employees hold just 1.5 percent of senior roles

    The employment law team at SHU Law are often asked to advise on aspects of the Equality Act which includes…

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  • 24.06.20

    I am being sued because my dog bit someone – what should I do?

    If your dog bites someone it’s important to appreciate that this doesn’t automatically mean that someone who has been injured…

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  • 23.06.20

    Manufacturing Disputes

    Manufacturing forms such a vital part of our economy. In recent testing times manufacturing and production companies have adapted their…

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  • 22.06.20

    SHU Law – it’s just a clinic-right?

    Wrong! SHU Law is a fully regulated law firm. This means that we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority…

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  • 18.06.20

    What is a limitation period?

    A limitation period is a legal time limit within which a claim must be brought. Is there the same limitation…

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  • 17.06.20

    SHU Laws Civic Response to Covid-19

    Here at SHU Law we are starting to think about what the world will look like when the lockdown eases…

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  • 15.06.20

    Started your own personal injury claim and finding it too difficult?

    Some people who have accidents and suffer injury like to take the person who they consider responsible to task themselves….

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  • 12.06.20

    LGBT in the workplace

    Stonewall have published research, at https://www.stonewall.org.uk/lgbt-britain-work-report, on the discrimination faced by the LGBT community in the workplace. Included in their…

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  • 11.06.20

    Meet our Legal Student Support Officer

    Sinead is SHU Law’s Legal Student Support Officer and joined our team in July 2019, she is the key contact…

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  • 10.06.20

    Sally Mallinson Ayres considers whether personal injury lawyers really are “ambulance chasers”

      There’s a lot of debate at present around the requirements to wear PPE at work. It’s a complex debate…

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  • 08.06.20

    What is a civil litigation settlement agreement?

    A settlement agreement (in the non-employment context) is a document that parties can use if they have settled a civil…

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  • 05.06.20

    Holiday entitlement post covid-19

    In some limited circumstances the government has introduced a temporary new law allowing employees and workers to carry over up…

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  • 03.06.20

    How do I pay for legal advice?

    The biggest question on most people’s minds when seeking legal advice is how much will it cost and how will…

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  • 01.06.20

    What are small claims?

    In England and Wales, if a party or parties issue proceedings (take a matter to court), the court will decide…

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  • 29.05.20

    Helping to make sure that your workplace is safe

    As more of us are returning to our workplaces the safety of those workplaces will come into focus. Employees need…

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  • 27.05.20

    But we trust each other….

      Many consider ‘gentleman’s agreements’ to be sufficient when they are purchasing goods or services. They could never foresee that…

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  • 25.05.20

    Defend or Ignore Proceedings?

    SHU law is often contacted by people who have had proceedings issued against them. What’s frustrating about this situation for…

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  • 20.05.20

    Making the workplace secure and safe

    The government’s website GOV.UK provides guidance at “Working Safely – Find out how to make your workplace COVID-secure”. Detailed plans…

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  • 19.05.20

    Do you need help valuing your claim for compensation?

    SHU Law can assist you if you have either pursued a claim yourself and don’t know if the offer that…

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  • 18.05.20

    Mental Health Awareness Week

    As we enter mental health awareness week, SHU Law is looking at its civic response to the pandemic and how…

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  • 15.05.20

    Furlough Scheme – Extension and Development

    Many of us expected the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) to be extended and modified, but the extent of the…

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  • 13.05.20

    Top 10 things to consider before issuing a claim

    Have you followed the pre-action protocol? Do you know how and where to contact your opponent? What costs are involved…

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  • 11.05.20

    I’ve had an accident that wasn’t my fault but I can’t trace the driver. What do I do?

      This is the worst situation to be in. You’ve done everything possible to ensure that you are on the…

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  • 07.05.20

    Preparing for a return to the workplace

      We have collectively travelled through the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic and individuals and businesses alike are starting to…

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  • 06.05.20

    Dispute resolution clauses- Q&A

      Q: What are dispute resolution clauses? A: They are clauses in contracts that set out how a dispute will…

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  • 04.05.20

    Frequently asked questions about claims made against uninsured drivers

      Why is it important to have valid motor insurance? It is a legal requirement set out in the Road…

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  • 01.05.20

    Pros and cons of virtual mediations

    Mediation is a form of dispute resolution that involves a neutral 3rd party facilitating a settlement of a dispute in…

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  • 29.04.20

    Sally Ayres looks back over the last two years

    I’ve been involved with SHU Law for just over two years and the distance that we have travelled during that…

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  • 28.04.20

    Furlough – A Summary

    2.8 million workers in 387,000 businesses had been furloughed within three days of the scheme opening to applications. Employers might…

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  • 27.04.20

    Are you being sued as an uninsured driver?

    SHU Law does not condone people driving without motor insurance. However, it is safe to say that mistakes can happen…

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  • 24.04.20

    Utilising technology in time of crisis

    Covid-19 has brought about many significant challenges and it has forced sectors, where possible, to implement remote working. This means…

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  • 22.04.20

    Emotional help and support for legal professionals

    SHU Law recognises that the recent tide of change in the profession brought about by remote working will be impacting…

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  • 20.04.20

    Being flexible about holiday during coronavirus

      Employers, employees and workers should be as flexible as they can about holiday during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s a…

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  • 17.04.20

    Newly qualified solicitor disciplined by SDT for lying

    A solicitor who had been qualified for less than a year has been banned from practising as a consequence of…

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  • 15.04.20

    Covid-19 and the Disputes Landscape

    Covid-19 has undoubtedly put unprecedented demand on all. It remains to be seen how many companies will weather the storm….

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  • 06.04.20

    Sheffield Hallam Student becomes an accredited mediator

    A second-year Sheffield Hallam University law student, Chloe Cartwright, has become an accredited mediator. In June 2019, Chloe took part…

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  • 30.03.20

    The impact of Covid-19 on lawyers and their clients.

    We know that a lot of our colleagues in the profession are working extremely hard at the current time having…

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  • 27.03.20

    Warnings That Domestic Violence Will Increase During Self Isolation.

    For most of us, the current situation is one where we are taking time to appreciate the small things that…

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  • 26.03.20

    Employment Law and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

    We set out below the recent amendments to legislation in relation to employment law which are designed to help employer…

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  • 24.03.20

    Latest guidance issued by the Employment Tribunal Presidents’ in response to COVID-19.

    Amendment to Direction Issued by Employment Tribunal Presidents’ on 19 March 2020. We have received the following amendment to the…

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  • 16.03.20

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) information and advice.

    17th March 2020 THE SHU LAW BUILDING IS NOW CLOSED Please note that in light of recent government and SHU…

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  • 10.03.20

    SHU Law Marks Justice Week 2020 with Interactive Employment Law Seminar.

    SHU Law conducted yet another successful event on the 26th February, this time recognising Justice Week (Monday 24th to Friday…

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  • A woman wears a surgical face mask

    Corona Virus – Employment Rights.

    The coronavirus has now been seen in more than 50 countries worldwide, including the UK, where the government is currently…

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  • 18.02.20

    Access to Justice and Public Legal Education.

    About Justice Week Justice Week 2020 runs from Monday 24th to Friday 28th February. The aim of Justice week 2020…

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  • 17.02.20

    Sheffield Hallam Law student, Salema Khatun shares her experience of training in SHU Law.

    What are you currently studying? I am currently in my third year, studying Law LLB at Sheffield Hallam University, and…

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  • 14.02.20

    26th February – Employment Law Interactive Seminar.

    Calling All New & Future Employees: Learn to navigate the world of employment… About this Event SHU Law is proud…

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  • 07.02.20

    Compensation for sexual abuse survivors.

    Sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week focusses on the fact that all forms of sexual abuse and violence are…

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  • 06.02.20

    ‘Time to Talk Day 2020’.

    141.1 million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018*, with mental health conditions…

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  • 31.01.20

    SHU Law welcome The Honourable Mr Justice Matthew Nicklin.

    On 29th January 2020 SHU Law staff and students were delighted to welcome The Honourable Mr Justice Matthew Nicklin as…

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  • 16.01.20

    Compensation for victims of transgender violence.

    Last year it was reported that hate crimes had risen 10% across England and Wales to a record high, amid…

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  • 15.01.20

    Inquests and Suicide.

    Statistics show that, sadly, New Year brings with it a spike in suicide related deaths. Sudden deaths are heart-breaking for…

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  • 09.01.20

    Law in Practice Selection Event – 24th January 2020.  

    Later this month, the SHU Law solicitors will be assisting the SHU academic team in recruiting students for the Law…

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  • 20.12.19

    Our year in review.

    As we prepare to welcome in the new year, we look back at some of our highlights from 2019 –…

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  • 19.12.19

    SHU Law guest speakers at the National Forum on Access to Justice for those without means.

    Representatives from SHU Law and Sheffield Hallam University were privileged to be invited to speak at the 8th National Forum…

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  • 18.12.19

    SHU Law host a Mock Social Work case in collaboration with the Social Work Department.

    On the 11th December 2019, SHU Law, in collaboration with the Department of Social Work, and Social Care and Community…

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  • 16.12.19

    Compensation for Domestic Abuse Victims.

    For most of us, the thought of spending the Christmas period with our family and close friends is something we…

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  • 14.11.19

    Frequently asked questions: employee rights.

    In this short blog, we answer some of the most frequently asked employee rights questions: 1. My employer tells me…

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  • scrabble tiles spell out justice

    Legal Issue of the Week: The Small Claims Process.

    Navigating the court system isn’t straight forward; after all, it’s taken centuries to build our legal system into what it…

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  • Thomas Cook Plane

    Thomas Cook – personal injury claims against the collapsed holiday company.

    The collapse of Thomas Cook not only left hundreds of holiday makers disappointed and out of pocket; it also left…

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  • 05.11.19

    Remember, remember the 5th November…

    Bonfire night is a popular night of the year, with many people either heading out to a local firework’s display…

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  • A cars gearstick

    How will the new whiplash laws affect road traffic accident victims?

    As from April 2020, new laws, as part of the Civil Liability Act reforms will see the small claims limit…

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  • a woman in despair, hold her head in her hands

    Justice for victims and survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

    The October 2019 Queen’s Speech promised new laws on crime, health and the environment, and set an ambitious legislative programme…

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  • two animals lock horns in battle

    Conflict Resolution Day

    Conflict Resolution Day (17th October 2019) is a global event, intended to promote the concept of peaceful conflict resolution. One…

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  • 08.10.19

    Bullying in the workplace.

    I’m being bullied at work, what should I do? Everyone has the right to feel safe and happy in the…

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  • Rocks Balance

    National Work Life Week (7-11 October 2019): our employment lawyer looks at some common issues around wellbeing and work life balance.

    This week (7-11 October) is National Work Life Week. It’s a chance for employers and employees to focus on wellbeing…

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  • 13.09.19

    Terminating a commercial contract

    During the lifetime of any business, it is likely that at some point a commercial contract will need to be…

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  • 19.08.19

    SHU Law features in the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer

    The article, ‘SHU Law: Give and learn’, which features in Issue 159 of the Leeds and Yorkshire Lawyer can be…

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  • 15.08.19

    Stop Modern Slavery

    When we hear the word slavery, we instinctively think of it as a ‘thing of the past’, a relic of…

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  • buckets and spades in the sand

    Children’s Personal Injury Claims

    Last week, many of the schools in Sheffield broke up for the summer holidays. For the most, the summer holidays…

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  • 03.04.20
    Inquests and Coroners Court

    Covid-19 is impacting upon everyone’s lives at the moment. It is a time of great uncertainty for many but for…

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  • 02.04.20
    Priority Work For County Courts

    The court service is trying desperately to keep the justice system going amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, publishing a new list…

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  • 06.01.20
    Sheffield Hallam Law student, Francesca Hawley shares her experience of training in SHU Law.

    What is work experience like at SHU Law? You may be thinking, “that sounds so scary and intimidating” and “I…

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  • 12.12.19
    SHU Law Circle welcomes new members.

    SHU Law is keen to listen to the student voice, and as such developed ‘The Circle’ to ensure it captures…

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  • 04.12.19
    Sheffield Hallam Law student, Imogen Walton-Binns, writes about her ‘Law in Practice’ placement experience.

    Imogen Walton-Binns is a 3rd year law student at Sheffield Hallam University and has secured a placement at SHU Law…

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  • 30.09.19
    Sheffield Hallam named UK university of the year for teaching quality.

    Sheffield Hallam University has been named the UK university of the year for teaching quality in the latest Times and…

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  • Lady Justice Statue
    Should victims of crime with unspent convictions get compensation?

    It’s a topical issue this week as the plight of Roy Larner, a declared “hero” of the London terror attacks…

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  • A businessman walks alone across a road
    What is a litigant in person?

    A ‘litigant in person’ (LiP), or an unrepresented party can be an individual, company or organisation who has made a…

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  • 21.06.19
    What is commercial dispute resolution?

    Commercial disputes can arise between businesses or between a company and an individual. They include contractual disputes, small claims, debt…

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  • 13.06.19
    SHU Law solicitors and students take the first steps to qualifying as mediators.

    The lawyers at SHU Law, along with lawyers and law students from Sheffield Hallam University have recently undertaken a mediation…

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  • 16.04.19
    The SHU Law Circle

    The voice of the students sits at the heart of the development of SHU Law and to ensure that we…

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  • Coroner’s Courts and Inquests

    SHU Law staff, HKC Law Clinic students and Nursing and Social Care students came together last week to share knowledge…

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  • 08.04.19
    The Law Society Civil Litigation News

    SHU Law has featured in the Law Society civil litigation feature. To read the full article click on the link.http://communities.lawsociety.org.uk/civil-litigation/news-and-features/civil-litigation-features-and-comment/success-story-student-law-firm/5067319.article

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  • SHU Law’s “Fantastic” Feedback!

    We have had our first success here at SHU Law this week and our client was over the moon about…

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  • 25.02.19
    New SHU Law video

    Watch our video to find out more about us here at SHU Law.  

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  • 24.01.19
    The SHU Law Circle

    Most businesses nowadays optimise the contributions made by its staff and various stakeholders by ensuring that they have a means…

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  • 07.01.19
    A Licence and A Year of Reflection

    A well-deserved email from the SRA arrived today, attaching SHU Law’s ABS licence and proving to be another key step…

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  • 02.01.19
    Our First VIP Visitor

    Today SHU Law was visited by Sir Michael Barber, the Chair of the Office for Students. This was an important…

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  • 01.08.18
    SHU Law Has Premises!

    Today was historic in the development of SHU Law as we were given access to our newly refurbished premises on…

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