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Priority Work For County Courts

The court service is trying desperately to keep the justice system going amidst the Covid-19 lockdown, publishing a new list of priority county court work.


They have categorised work into two areas; Work that must be done and work that could be done. Separate guidance has been offered for Court of Appeal and High Court work.


Adjustments have included fewer court buildings being open and hearings being carried out remotely.


Priority work (work that must be fine) includes committals, freezing orders, injunctions, homelessness applications and all multi-track hearings where the parties agree it is urgent.


Work that does not have to be done includes applications for summary judgment, to set aside judgement in default and for security for costs along with preliminary assessment of costs.


The Civil Procedure Rule Committee is likely to release new rules to address issues arising from the pandemic and insurers and claimant law firms have taken to agreeing protocols freezing limitation periods.

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