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SHU Law’s “Fantastic” Feedback!

We have had our first success here at SHU Law this week and our client was over the moon about the service that he received free of charge:

“SHU Law are a fantastic support resource to staff and students. Professionalism and friendliness were present from start to finish with incredible response time from my first request to my last. SHU Law provided me with an understanding process that allowed me to make an informed decision and the right one. I cannot thank SHU Law enough for their support and I would recommend them”.

Our client had been assaulted on a night out and had sustained serious injuries to his face and body from a vicious knife attack for which he had undergone extensive surgery and skin grafts to repair.

He was encouraged to progress the claim himself by the police and on receiving notification from The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) about the award of compensation that they were prepared to make he just didn’t know if their offer was reasonable and took into account all of the relevant information. He need help and he needed that help quickly so as to be able to comply with the CICA deadline.

Asked to check the award, we met with the client and were able to go through the settlement with him advising on the prospects of appealing the decision and whether there were any other heads of loss for which he should be awarded compensation. The service was free of charge and he didn’t have to sacrifice some of his settlement to pay legal fees. We also made sure that he was able to meet the deadline.

If you are looking to recover compensation relating to a criminal injury and need some help then please get in touch 0114 2256666. Our legal advice is free of charge and we can assist right from the outset so that you don’t have to worry about the paperwork.

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