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The Importance of Pro-bono

SHU Law is a firm that takes part in pro bono all year round with the pro bono work they offer. Now pro bono definitely helps those who cannot afford to pay for all the legal work but how does it affect the solicitors who work pro-bono?

Working pro bono is a positive for the clients, the community and helps firms such as SHU Law to show corporate social responsibility, this shows the firms values and that they care about their clients. SHU Law also helps the student population as all law students spend some time within SHU Law, which helps us to understand the legal profession better and also gives us an insight into not-for-profit legal work. It also means that the solicitors who work for SHU Law feel a real sense of job satisfaction, knowing they are making a difference. In addition to the already high demand for free legal advice, the Legal Aid and Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 made it so many no longer qualify for legal aid. The Act has increased the amount of people requiring free advice resulting in even further work for solicitors.

Overall, pro bono is there to help those who need it the most as it does come from the term ‘for the public good’ and the solicitors who part take show that they care for the clients they work with and not just for financial gain. It may come with problems, but it is all part of helping those in need.


By Jade Glossop – Sheffield Hallam University Second Year Law Student.

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