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The SHU Law Circle

Most businesses nowadays optimise the contributions made by its staff and various stakeholders by ensuring that they have a means of direct communication and reciprocation for ideas. SHU Law is no different.

Our students contribute to the work that we do and so it is only fair that they get involved in determining how the business moves forward and promotes itself. With this in mind SHU Law has launched “The Circle”; a committee of students who can actively formulate ideas and strategically plan for the implementation of those ideas to help us grow and evolve in an innovative way.

We were keen not to hold formal interviews and so a group session was held instead where students were asked to look at various scenarios and marketing initiatives relevant to our business plan. We felt that this would enable all students to maximise their potential by demonstrating their own key skills whilst collaborating with their peers. The competition was tough as the standard of applicants was extremely high but we are confident that we can appoint students who will be Creative, Innovative, Representative, Collaborative, Leading and Engaging.

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