Information For Students

Which students will be able to take up opportunities in SHU Law?

  • All undergraduate Law and Law and Criminology students
  • Post-graduate Law students (as part of the LLM in Legal Professional Practice)
  • All of the above students will have the opportunity to be involved in a fully regulated law firm irrespective of their academic ability.
  • We will develop further opportunities for other students as the business grows and develops


Why does SHU Law matter?

  • For students who want to progress into a career in the legal profession, SHU Law offers hands on experience which will fast track them into their chosen career
  • For those students that don’t want to become lawyers, SHU Law helps them to develop key transferable employability skills in a real life working environment
  • SHU Law is a law firm that prides itself on fully integrating students- they help us make key decisions!
  • We offer an all year round service and our services are not restricted to just term time


What facilities are available?

  • SHU Law operates from purposely refurbished, bespoke premises (including: reception facilities, telephone suite, client meeting rooms, confidential storage, archiving facilities and configurable teaching rooms
  • We have dedicated academic staff and full time practising solicitors meaning that students get the best of both worlds
  • We use a bespoke case management system to reflect the IT systems that graduates may be asked to use when venturing into the world of work


Is SHU Law a law clinic?

  • SHU Law is a fully regulated law firm.
  • We can therefore offer more than advice as we can undertake reserved legal activities (including litigation).
  • Students will therefore be able to diversify and have experience of working on cases at different stages.


What does SHU Law offer to clients?

  • Our areas of work combine a commercial approach for business clients and entrepreneurs with that of services for personal clients.
  • We are a socially responsible ‘not for profit’ law firm; this is not replicated elsewhere.
  • This means our client base can be broad so as to widen the opportunities for our students.