The path to qualifying as a solicitor is changing.

The Solicitors Qualifying Examination

From 2021 students will need to pass a 2 part test (SQE).

Part 1 tests legal knowledge and Part 2 tests practical skills. Time spent in SHU Law will equip students for both parts of the SQE.

In addition, anyone wanting to be a solicitor will need to have undertaken a period of qualifying work experience (QWE). This will not be assessed but will be based upon how applicants can demonstrate that they have the required skills to be a solicitor.

Our undergraduate programme has therefore been designed to map onto the SQE to provide a more cost effective route of entering the legal profession than more traditional routes such as the LPC and training contracts. Time spent in SHU Law could be considered towards the QWE as this can be completed either before or after SQE Part 1 and 2 are completed.