Meet the Team

Sally Mallinson Ayres

Our personal injury department is led by Sally Mallinson Ayres, who is also the firms’ Compliance Office for Legal Practice. She has specialised in personal injury law since 2003 and has spent 15 years developing and managing personal injury departments at two local law firms.

Sally is keen to ensure that claimants are treated fairly and not tarnished with false allegations of fraud. She has worked with other regional law firms to promote the issues faced by multi-cultural claimants in this regard. She is well versed in litigated cases, particularly ones that are technically challenging with short limitation dates or where deadlines having been missed and relief from sanction is required.

Sally has over the years secured millions of pounds of compensation for injured claimants. She enjoys asserting the rights of injured parties through negotiation, mediation or litigation and has a track record of being sensitive to the needs of her clients.

Sally has relished the opportunity of being able to assist in the building and developing of SHU Law from scratch to service those clients who will struggle in the new era of fixed fees to find legal representation.

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