Our advice and representation will be free of charge. However, you may have to pay court fees and for third party services. These will vary depending on the value of your claim. We can advise you at the outset as to what anticipated fees you will need to pay as the claim progresses. You don’t have to commit to use our services until you know exactly what is involved

We can help you if:

  • The value of your claim is less than £10,000
  • It is based in England/ Wales
  • You want free legal advice and/ or representation
  • You are a claimant or defendant
  • You don’t have the confidence to run the claim yourself
  • You have started the process yourself and you are finding it too complex or overwhelming


Typically, small claims involve the following types of cases:

  • Contract disputes
  • Faulty or Damaged goods
  • Damaged Property
  • Inadequate Services
  • Consumer Issues
  • Unpaid Rent (private landlord)
  • Unfairly Issued parking fines


Small claims cases  progress through the courts at varying pace. This is dependent upon which court the claim is issued at, the court’s resources and whether the parties comply with relevant deadlines. We do not therefore offer any guarantees about how long your matter will take to resolve. Instead we will keep you informed throughout and will explain what is required of you. We will ensure that your matter is given the attention that it deserves and will address any concerns that you may have about the process.

We will also look at whether it is appropriate to mediate your case. This would involve a neutral party acting as a mediator. This allows both parties to discuss what outcome they are looking for and why, in a less formal setting than a court hearing. Mediation can be an effective way to resolve a dispute but not all mediations will result in a settlement. It is always something that should be borne in mind when dealing with a small claims matter and will require an element of compromise.

In some cases, a court may rule that a matter is too complex for the small claims procedure and this is just something to bear in mind when we assess the merits of your claim/defence.

If you do wish to issue small claims proceedings to recover a debt that is owed to you then please read about how your case will be funded here.

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