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Sheffield Hallam Law student, Salema Khatun shares her experience of training in SHU Law.

What are you currently studying?

I am currently in my third year, studying Law LLB at Sheffield Hallam University, and as part of my course I am completing a module at SHU Law, which involves one day a week work experience in the SHU Law Firm.

What is work experience like at SHU Law?

During my work experience at SHU Law, I undertake administrative tasks on the reception. These include answering calls, greeting clients, staff and students and answering their queries.

In my role, I also conduct research records based on client matter, draft advice letters for clients and companies and organise files in accordance with the Lexcel Accreditation guidelines.

During my time at SHU Law I am constantly developing new skills such as time management, through the timely completion of multiple tasks, and improved literacy skills through the concise writing of advice letters to clients. Along with the practical knowledge of working in a law firm, I have also learnt and have a better understanding of the different aspects of the role of a lawyer.

How do you think your experiences in SHU Law will help you when you start working as a Trainee Solicitor?

In the future, I would like to work as a commercial solicitor. This module has given me practical work experience of being in a law firm and will undoubtedly help me when I start to apply for jobs. I have gained valuable experience in administrative duties and the legal duties involved in working in a law firm.

Any highlights from your time at SHU Law?

During the visit from the Honourable Justice Nicklin, I acted as the SHU Law receptionist and greeted him on his arrival. I also delivered a presentation to him about the work I am involved in at SHU Law.

His visit has inspired me to take full advantage of every experience presented to me and perform to the very best of my abilities. It also helped me understand how important it will be in my future career as a solicitor to always make my client my main priority.

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