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Compensation for sexual abuse survivors.

Sexual abuse and sexual violence awareness week focusses on the fact that all forms of sexual abuse and violence are unacceptable, and victims should not have to tolerate it.

This short blog aims to provide advice to those who have survived sexual abuse when seeking to make a claim for compensation.

Can I claim compensation if I am the survivor of sexual assault?

If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, you may be able to make a claim and receive compensation.

When seeking a claim through the CICA there are strict criteria that must be met for a person to qualify.

They are as follows:

  • The abuse must have been reported to the police
  • The police will investigate the case thoroughly and will require your full cooperation
  • A claim must be submitted with 2 years of reporting the abuse to the police unless you meet the criteria to make a historical claim

Historical sexual abuse claims

Providing certain eligibility rules are met, the CICA will also pay compensation for historical sexual abuse claims.

These rules include:

  • The abuse was reported to the police
  • If the abuse was reported when you were a child, you will need to show you had good reason for not applying within the normal 2-year rule
  • You have the Police Crime Number

CICA rules are complex and in historical abuse cases, investigations into issues such as the lack of a Police Crime Number may make a claim difficult. It is therefore advisable to seek the legal advice of a solicitor.

Can I claim if no one has been convicted following a sexual assault?

You are eligible if you are able to prove that you were the victim of a crime through no fault of your own.

As well as physical injuries, you are likely to have suffered psychological injuries for which you can also claim compensation, such as anxiety or depression that have affected your life.

How much compensation can the victim of sexual abuse receive?

Compensation amounts range from £1,000 upwards for sexual abuse and the amount is dependent (and can differentiate) based on the abuse suffered.


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