Our personal injury department is headed by solicitor, Sally Mallinson Ayres. Sally has worked in the field of personal injury for the last 18 years with experience of handling all different types of claims.

What Types of Cases can we Take On?

We will be happy to take a look at the following types of cases to see if we can assist you:

  • Small claims
  • Defendant personal injury claims where a claim is being made against you and you do not have insurance
  • Valuations in respect of offers of settlement
  • Uninsured Driver claims
  • Untraced Driver Claims
  • CICA Claims


What types of cases won’t we take on?

Because we are a teaching law firm we need to carefully manage the types of work that we can provide assistance with. This is to ensure that we can dedicate the appropriate time and resources to those cases that we do accept. In personal injury terms this means that we cannot undertake the following types of cases:

  • Clinical negligence*
  • Dental negligence*
  • Disease Claims
  • Work related stress
  • Claims with an estimated value over £25,000 (multi track)
  • Defence claims that exceed the small claims limit
  • Claims where legal expense insurance can be utilised


*In these cases we may be able to assist with preparing your statement or writing a letter of complaint with a view to you seeking advice from another firm of solicitors.

We may be able to assist with other matters that dally within the category of personal injury which are not listed above, and we would be happy to review your case to determine if you can help.

How do I start my claim?

We will need some basic details from you. The easiest way for us to do this is for you to email us on info@shulaw.co.uk, or speak with a member of our team via telephone on 0114 225 6666. Sadly because of the way that we work in conjunction with students we cannot visit you in your own home.

Once we have the basic details of your enquiry, one of our supervising solicitors will review it and we will contact you to confirm the next steps. There is no guarantee that we will accept your matter and if we are not able to act for you then we will try to help you find someone who can if this is what you want.


What will it cost me?

We will not charge you a penny for our services. This includes Motor Insurers Bureau claims involving uninsured and untraced drivers and criminal injury compensation claims and means that of you are the claimant you will receive 100% of your award of compensation. Where appropriate you may have to pay third party costs and expenses but we will advise you in full about this before taking on your matter.


Our professional conduct rules and our commitment to widening access to justice and education mean that we have to give you clear advice regarding your likely costs at the outset of your matter. We will therefore set out in plain written English to you how the costs in your case will work before you are committed to instructing us and of course we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding this.


Why should I instruct SHU Law?

Our ‘not for profit’ ethos enables us to work in a way that’s very different to other law firms. Our team is made up of qualified solicitors, paralegals and students, which means that you are guaranteed to have a wealth of expertise at your fingertips with more time dedicated to your matter than perhaps you would anticipate. It is you as the client that remains at the fore of what we do and we would not exist without your commitment to helping us to teach the next generation of lawyers.


Sally Mallinson Ayres

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