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Contract disputes during the pandemic

The government issued guidance (and updated the guidance) recently surrounding contract disputes during the Covid-19 pandemic. In essence, it encourages parties to be reasonable and try to resolve disputes without resorting to litigation.

Similarly, the Civil Procedure Rules (which existed long before the current pandemic) set out pre-action conduct expected of parties to a dispute. It is very important to follow the spirit of the pre-action protocol because failing to do so can result in cost sanctions.

However, what if you have tried to be reasonable and resolve a dispute but your opponent is ignoring you or refusing to cooperate. Once you have followed the necessary pre-action steps, sometimes you are left with no alternative than to consider issuing a claim.

It is important to seek legal advice to assess whether you have a reasonable claim before issuing proceedings. SHU Law can assist with contract disputes.

If you have a dispute, contact SHU Law. We will review your matter to assess whether we can assist. If we can, we will send you our terms of business and retainer letter (our contract with you). Thereafter we will aim to provide you with an initial advice and recommend next steps. These steps are free of charge (we don’t charge for our legal advice). If you then wish to issue proceedings, we will discuss with you the costs involved (court fees, expert fees, and barristers’ fees if applicable).

Call SHU Law on 0114 225 6666 for advice on your dispute.

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