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Do you need help valuing your claim for compensation?

SHU Law can assist you if you have either pursued a claim yourself and don’t know if the offer that you have received is reasonable or there has been a breakdown in your relationship with your solicitor and you need a second opinion about an offer of settlement.

When you are involved in an accident you may seek help either by liaising with the defendant yourself or instructing a solicitor to pursue your personal injury claim. In either case you will be hopeful that the claim will run smoothly and that everyone will be acting in your best interests. That might be the case in most situations but in some claims the claimant might find that their interests clash with those of others involved.

If you have been fortunate enough to reach the stage where you have received an offer of settlement then you need to know that the offer is reasonable before you accept this. First and foremost if you have a solicitor acting on your behalf then they should be able to advise you and explain how the offer has been arrived at as well as advise you as to whether the offer should be accepted. However, sometimes relationships break down and you might develop a feeling of uncertainty about what you should do. We can talk to you about your options in these situations to see if we can help to rebuild that relationship or assist you with a second opinion. We cannot act for you in making representations to the defendant on your behalf where you already have a solicitor acting for you and there may be cost implications should you terminate your agreement with your existing solicitor so our advice would always be to try and work it out with them but similarly you have a right to be certain that everyone is acting in your best interests.

If you’ve liaised direct with your opponent and you’ve got an offer of settlement then congratulations on getting this far as that in itself is an achievement. However, just bear in mind that as your opponent the money is also coming out of their pocket. As such will they really want to pay you the maximum amount of compensation or have your interests started to conflict with theirs? SHU Law can help you navigate what has been achieved to date to determine next steps. This will give you peace of mind and help you to decide whether to accept the offer or not.

Please call SHU Law if you need advice about an offer of settlement then please email enquiries@shulaw.co.uk or call 01142255891/ 01142256666.

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