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Sheffield Hallam Law student, Hamza Khan shares his thoughts on his virtual work experience in SHU Law.


What are you currently studying?

I am a third-year law student at  Sheffield Hallam University and have been undertaking work experience at SHU Law Ltd. I acquired this work experience after I came second place in the competition held by SHU Law to name the rooms in its building. The rooms were named after prominent individulas that share the values of SHU Law, such as promoting the value of human rights, equality and access to justice.

What is work experience like at SHU Law?

During my work experience at SHU Law, I undertook research for contract disputes cases arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, I also worked as part of the business development department researching the possibilities of SHU Law expanding their pro bono services to different areas of the law and the business implications this may have. Unfortunately, due to social distancing guidelines, I had to do this from home and communicate with the SHU Law team using Zoom and email. The fact that all my meetings were through Zoom, I received one to one support without any distractions. The SHU law team are incredibly supportive and create a motivating and happy work environment. I was given the freedom to approach my tasks in a way that I saw fit as long as the work was completed. Furthermore, I received fantastic feedback which encouraged me to do more.

How do you think your experiences in SHU Law when you start to practice?

Unlike other students that have undertaken work experience at SHU Law, I want to become a barrister. However, this experience has been invaluable for me as I have gained a greater understanding of the legal system as well as explored different areas of the law that I had not considered before. Furthermore, this experience has inspired me to undertake pro bono work once I establish my practice. I have also gained a greater understanding of the role of solicitors, which means I will be able to work with them better when I receive instructions.

Any highlights from your time at SHU Law?

I enjoyed undertaking pro bono work, as I was genuinely making a difference while at the same time practising commercial law in the disputes resolution’s department. This is something that I have never really had an opportunity to do. During my past work experience in commercial law, I was always working on projects for big businesses. Furthermore, working from home gave me great flexibility in the way I approached tasks. I also practised independent working skills which are essential when at the bar. All in all, I would encourage every student to undertake pro bono work experience, especially at a place like SHU Law. It provides insight into legal practice as well as making a difference to other people’s lives.

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