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My legal matter isn’t that important right now -is it?

It’s safe to say that in the midst of a global pandemic people are tending to have greater perspective as to what really matters in these challenging times. Whilst remaining healthy clearly is and should be at the top of everyone’s agenda it’s safe to say that this doesn’t mean that you should forget your legal rights when it comes to other aspects of your life.

The courts are still operating as are law firms and if you have been facing issues at work or can’t recoup monies owed to you, or you think you may be entitled to claim compensation because of something that wasn’t your fault, then you still have the right to take legal advice and pursue those rights. Granted, you may be struggling right now to balance all of the spinning plates that the pandemic world may have thrust in your direction but the whole point of getting legal advice is to ensure that you have someone in your corner who can help and support you.

Don’t forget that a lot of legal disputes have very stringent timescales in which to pursue your rights and once missed the opportunity to do something about your particular issue may be missed forever. Don’t put it off and make sure that you get help as quickly as possible.

At SHU Law we offer advice free of charge and there is no obligation to commit to taking your matter forward. However, an initial chat will help you decide your next steps in an informed way and put you at ease in making a decision about how to proceed.

If you need our help then contact our team on 0114 2256666 or email enquiries@shulaw.co.uk.

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