Our inquest law department seeks to help those families who have suffered a bereavement and need help navigating coronial law issues and the process of attending and managing an inquest or pre inquest review.

Inquest Law

Whilst inquests are said to be less adversarial and capable of having family members and interested parties attend without legal representation we appreciate that the loss of a loved one is traumatic and legal support can often make the difference between understanding what is happening and why the process is taking place and not having vital questions answered. In some instances bereaved relatives can be entitled to financial assistance but may not appreciate that this is the case. We can therefore help you determine if you would be entitled to funding and therefore how best to proceed. However, our services are offered on a not for profit basis and so if you have suffered the loss of a loved one and do not have money to fund legal advice and representation then we can still help you. All we ask is that you pay any third party expenses that may be required and we can usually identify these from the outset for you.

If you are struggling to understand what you need to do and an inquest is looming then please do get in touch as we will seek to guide you as best we can and see what further assistance we can provide. We know that it is a very scary and traumatic time and we are happy to review all types of cases where an inquest may be required. However, please bear in mind that we cannot take on more complex cases.

If SHU Law is not able to assist you then we may be able to assist you in seeking assistance from other organisations that may be able to provide help and support. We promise that you will be treated sympathetically and sensitively in trying to help you find support. You can contact us by either using the enquiry form, emailing enquiries@shulaw.co.ukor calling 0114 2256666.

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