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Sheffield Hallam Law student, Francesca Hawley shares her experience of training in SHU Law.

What is work experience like at SHU Law?

You may be thinking, “that sounds so scary and intimidating” and “I couldn’t cope with such responsibility” and before I started at SHU Law, I was thinking exactly the same.

I was so scared; I didn’t know what to wear or how intense the workload would be. However, as soon as I finished my first seminar I was put at ease. As a student at SHU Law, everything you do is either under the supervision of, or set out by guidelines given to us by the solicitors – Sally Mallinson-Ayres and Rebecca Draper. They never leave you in the dark with client information or expect you to progress with and win the case by yourself.

Modules at SHU Law

In SHU Law sessions, students cover so many different aspects of things – dependent on your elective module. This year elective modules include; contentious law, human rights clinic, law as a business and the module I chose, non-contentious law.

During my time at SHU Law, I have made a set of questions to ask prospective clients, and drafted tweets and articles to advertise SHU Law.

I have even drafted and calculated the possible compensation clients could receive in the format of interoffice memos or file notes, which has helped me understand the inner workings of a law firm and what is required of the solicitors that work there.

How do you think your experiences in SHU Law will help you when you start working as a Trainee Solicitor?

Work experience at SHU Law isn’t easy, but it is interesting!

I think the opportunity to gain work experience at SHU Law as part of your studies is such a privilege. It equips you with valuable skills and insights to things that you will do in practice.


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